We Care About Our Coffee, and the Environment

  • Ethical Coffee Sourcing:
    We’ve partnered with TSCC due to the values in their ethical sourcing and procurement strategies. The company boasts a range of Farmer Direct traded coffee and certified Fair-Trade coffees, which provides for a more equitable benefit to the coffee farmers where the coffee is sourced, from countries such as Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Nicaragua just to name a few origins.
  • Sustainability:
    TSSC boasts industry best practice when it comes to minimising coffee-related waste and eliminating waste streams from the packaging their coffees are packed in. One of the first Specialty Roasters in Melbourne to introduce compostable coffee bags into the Melb coffee market back in 2016. Compostable bags that break down in landfill as opposed to metal foil lined coffee bags that may never break down in regular landfill sites.
  • Upcycling Espresso Machines:
    At Velo Therapy we’re committed to upcycling and reconditioning used espresso machines to extend their life and to reduce unnecessary wastage. Reconditioned machines are works of art and retain – or have been retrofitted with – all the functionality of more modern machines, but with polished and die-cut recycled wood panelling, instrumentation, handles and even brands.
  • Minimise Coffee Ground Waste:
    Every year Australia produces an estimated 75,000 tonnes of spent ground coffee waste. The majority of this goes directly to landfill where it contributes significantly to climate change through the production of methane – a greenhouse gas which is 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans

Coffee by The Sustainable Coffee Co. (Cirrus Coffee blends), batch roasted in Port Melbourne.

Velo Therapy re-usable coffee cups

Velo Therapy stock our own wheat straw based re-usable coffee cups, and encourage our valued customers to reduce the use and waste stream from single-use coffee cups.