ARC1100 DICUT 80 DiscBrake 12orQR my21 REAR

ARC1100 DICUT 80 DiscBrake 12orQR my21 REAR


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The latest generation of ARC 1100 DICUT wheels – available in disc brake version in three different rim heights 80 mm, 62 mm and 50 mm – was developed in cooperation with SWISS SIDE, leading expert in aerodynamic optimization. Consequently, the new AERO+ rim profile minimizes both aero drag and steering moment to improve its aerodynamic and controlling in even strong cross wind. Thus, it makes it easier for the rider to keep the aero wheel under control while taking advantage of the forward-pushing sailing effect. The wheel setup is completed by the new DT Swiss aero spokes in combination with the sleek 180 DICUT hub including ultra-light running SINC ceramic bearings.


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