Service Your Ride

Why do we only offer a few types of services?  We at Velo Therapy feel people should pay for what they need, not what they are sold or try to fit into.  Can we do anything?  Almost.  We have the latest tools, vast experience, factory trained staff and basic desire to a damn good job.

First Free Service

You recently bought a bike from Velo. Need that first adjustment and check over
$ 0
  • Braking system check
  • Driveline System check
  • All hardware and bolts torqued and checked
  • Fork and shock air checked, and pivots tightened
  • Tyres checked
  • Test Ride


Basic service to make sure driveline, brakes and tyres are working safely and properly
$ 65
  • Braking system check
  • Driveline system check
  • All hardware and mounting bolts torqued and checked
  • Fork and shock air checked, and pivots tightened
  • Tyres checked
  • Test Ride
  • Rider touch points checked

Online Bike Build

This is for customer that bought a bike online. Have us do it right and save you in the long term.
$ 99
  • Bring it in a box or assembled.
  • Set up and torque of all systems as new ride
  • Trust us to build your new bike right. We wont judge.


This is your bread and butter service. Running perfectly and looking fresh
$ >140
  • This includes everything in the ESSENTIAL service, plus
  • Bottom bracket clean and checked
  • Drivetrain removed and cleaned
  • Wheels trued on the bike
  • Bike wash, polish
  • Cables and brakes replaced as required
  • *E-Bike diagnostic / updates
  • *Service full suspension

Major Overhaul

This is for the customer looking for perfection, detail and the perfect ride
$ >280
  • This includes everything in the Annual service, plus
  • Removal and service of bottom bracket
  • Headset Removal and service
  • E-Bike diagnostic, battery test and check wiring
  • Replace all housing and cables
  • Tension all spokes and align wheels
  • Remove and lubricate all links and pivots
  • Flush Brake Lines




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